HOTstream Smart TV at Kensington Close Hotel in London


HOTstream Smart TV at Kensington Close Hotel in London

London, October 24 2014

Kensington Close Hotel in London, an elegant property situated in one of the most sought after areas in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, selected MCOM HOTstream Smart TV, VOD and IPTV solutions.

Kensington Close Hotel guests already enjoy the latest IPTV and VOD technology offered by MCOM HOTstream  and a vast variety of video on demand movies covering an equally vast variety of genres. In parallel, guests can access all interactive hotel services through their in-room Smart Hotel TVs, enhancing the great experience of staying at the Kensington Close Hotel.

A challenge for the installation team was to perform the upgrade without affecting the day-to-day operation of the hotel as Kensington Close hotel experience high occupancy rates throughout the year. With the great help and support we received from all hotel departments involved the team installed HOTsteam Smart TV solution without getting noticed by the guests.

As Mr. Phil Gregg, COO of Cola Holdings Ltd, notes “Following the successful installation and collaboration we had in The Westbury Hotel, we’ve selected HOTstream once more for the largest property in our portfolio. MCOM’s team managed once more to make a smooth transition from our previous system to HOTstream while the hotel was fully booked without any disturbance for our guests”.


About Kensington Close Hotel

Kensington Close Hotel in London blends chic and efficiency in perfect harmony. History has it that this building was commissioned reputedly as a small property on land co-owned by Sir Isaac Newton almost 300 years ago; the Hotel itself was built in 1960, having been originally opened as a Residential Club in 1937.

The high point of Kensington Close Hotel, London is its much famed Lounge Bar which is ornate and yet intimate. This hotel and Spa in Kensington is especially