Enterprise: Corporate IPTV – Digital Signage – mobile media streaming – enterprise video on demand

Use BIZstream Enterprise to communicate the right message to employees or any other target audience by offering them a unique enterprise media experience. When you need to deliver universal or targeted messages to your employees, partners, customers or visitors, beyond traditional approaches such as email and corporate intranets, BIZstream Enterprise is really the effective way to engage your audience.

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Airports: Provide travelers with the right information at the right time

AIRstream is an IPTV Digital Signage solution for Airports, one of the most advanced in the industry, that includes integration with Flight information, Baggage claim, Gates info, Weather info, Train and Bus schedules, announcements, IPTV platform and much more. Also includes a unique monitor clustering application and a wifi PDA patrol feature for checking and configuring the public displays

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Healthcare: Redefining patient experience

BIZstream Health complements the core business of a hospital by creating a technological environment to provide education, information and entertainment for patients, their guests and your staff during the healing process of each patient as well as to help patients to be actively involved

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