In HOTstream Cloud everything runs on the cloud and is delivered to the guest screens over the Internet. All the hotel needs is the HOTstream Cloud service and an internet connection, as our pioneer approach eliminates the need to acquire and maintain on-premise servers, racks, ups power feeds and other headend hardware.

Through HOTstream Cloud each hotel can have the full suite of MCOMS HOTstream up and running instantly, including Free-to-Guest TV, Hotel interactive services, PMS integration, Video-on-demand and mobile apps. HOTstream cloud is provided along with our web-based administration solution, HOTstream OMS, to allow hoteliers to monitor and manage the service using a web browser from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Lower Cost – CapEx free deployment
HOTstream Cloud is an easily scalable solution. No need to spend upfront costs on ITinfrastructure that gets obsolete in a few years. Being on the cloud is cost effective, flexible, and eliminates chances of owning a capital investment that is outdated. With a cloud deployment you have a clear recurring cost model directly related to resources used, allowing cost optimization.
Faster Project Deployment
On demand activation, de-activation with minimal planning, preparation and notice periods are only few of the features that eliminate traditional decision barriers making the hotelier ’s choice easier and less risky. It even allows trial of the service without commitment.
Scale to meet demand as needed
As demand increases HOTstream Cloud solution makes it easy to accommodate the need for more capacity. Incremental processing, storage or network capacity increases are quicker and easier to deploy without any on-property changes. Upgrades are immediately deployed to users at no cost, greatly extending system life by keeping software current.
Lower Maintenance Headaches
HOTstream Cloud architecture reduces significantly the maintenance cost and administrativeburden of IT related infrastructure. The hotel’s IT staff has now less operational worries with limited on premise hardware.
Resiliency and redundancy
Cloud services run on fault tolerant first tier cloud service provider infrastructure with very high reliability that is used and trusted by enterprises world-wide. Even in the unlikely event of a service outage, restoring an alternate service instance is only a click away. Data is securely stored offsite, relieving the customer of the fear and liability of data loss or breach.
Improved Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction
Hotel guests nowadays expect to receive premium and personalized services and state-of-the-art technology is part of that expectation. The HOTstream Cloud interface offers mobile and remote accessibility from any location, at any time, allowing staff to attend to the guests needs with improved efficiency leading to greater guest satisfaction.