Cruise contactless experiences to welcome back your guests

Contactless Cruise experiences

Cruise contactless experiences to welcome back your guests

Miami, US, April 2 2021,

Coming out of the pandemic, the need for contactless experiences has become paramount for both travelers and cruise lines. Cruise lines are now called to welcome back their guests by adapting their offerings and standards and provide peace of mind and effortless operation.

MCOMS, acknowledging the recent challenges has designed some innovative solutions to enable cruise lines to provide tailor made guest interactive services to stateroom TVs and mobile devices, and create frictionless processes.

Through MCOMS HOTstream TV and  Mobile solution, guests can book services and manage daily activities on their personal devices,eliminating the need to contact directly the ship staff. Features include the ability to make reservations to ship facilities, restaurants, spa, order in-room dining, service requests as well as view their bill and many more. 

More than fifty integrations with different systems are already implemented by MCOMS and more are currently underdevelopment so that that ship staff and guests can utilize every system available, improving the sailing experience. 

MCOMS also offers a TV remote web app so that guests can control the in-room TV without touching the remote, in order to watch live TV channels with EPG and Video On Demand movies. The HOTstream Mobile app comes with room controls to manage temperature, ventilation, lighting and drapes. HOTstream Room Controls can be integrated with any GRMS system.

MCOMS further enhances the contactless experiences for guests, with HOTstream Signage an easy-to-use digital signage solution for public displays in the ship. Now your guests can have access to up to date information, wayfinding services and promotions in public areas, thus avoiding unnecessary contacts.

Finally, it is no secret TV remote controls can also play host to a number of cold viruses and other germs. MCOMS is proud to announce that is launching a new RCU with an antimicrobial surface that is designed for easy disinfection, offering an extra layer of protection for your guests. 

Mr.Pantelis Kasimatis, New Business Development Director at MCOMS, notes: “Guest expectations in the post Covid-19 era have changed dramatically. Cruise lines have been working hard to provide a safe and secure environment for their guests. By selecting MCOMS HOTstream solution they can continue to dazzle their guests with their amenities and services with no discounts on quality or options. In these hard times, technology can help us stand out from the competition and offer a unique guest experience. We are all in this together.”

Contact today Mr. Pantelis Kasimatis at to explore MCOMS HOTstream Cruise  solution.

MCOMS will be showcasing the HOTstream Cruise solution at Seatrade Cruise Virtual, Tech & Innovation, on April 14th. You are welcome to register and experience firsthand the amazing results.