HOTstream TV: Redefining the Interactive Guest TV experience

HOTstream TV is the leading In-Room Entertainment (IRE) solution in the Hospitality Industry. By utilizing its expertise in video technology, TV usability and user interface design, MCOMS turns in-room TV viewing into the ultimate guest experience.

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HOTstream Cast: Guest content streaming

MCOMS solution allows you to deploy Chromecast and Apple TV devices in the guest room giving the guest the same content streaming experience they enjoy at home.

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HOTstream Mobile: Engage your guest with contactless experience

HOTstream Mobile enables hoteliers to provide guest interactive services to iOS and Android mobile devices, creating an additional opportunity to communicate directly with your guests before, during and after their stay.

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HOTstream Signage: Reach out to your guests with targeted content

HOTstream Signage is the most powerful way to publish information and promote services in a highly targeted way, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

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HOTstream Internet: Fast and secure guest WiFi

Internet access is the most important amenity in the hospitality industry. We combine our unique expertise in hospitality and telecommunications to provide you with a fast and reliable internet access solution to serve your guests and visitors.

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HOTstream Cruise: Simple. Sophisticated. Seaworthy.

MCOMS HOTstream Guest Facing Cruise Solutions guarantee a unique onboard experience for your guests, setting new standards in luxurious and upscale services.

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HOTstream OMS: Operations management, network monitoring

OMS is an all-encompassing suite of software tools for managing and monitoring all HOTstream related content and services.

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HOTstream Cloud: Cloud based Hospitality Solutions

In HOTstream Cloud everything runs on the cloud and is delivered to the guest screens over the Internet. All the hotel needs is the HOTstream Cloud service and an internet connection, as our pioneer approach eliminates the need to acquire and maintain on-premise servers, racks, ups power feeds and other headend hardware.

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