MCOMS ΗOTstream onboard experience selected by Antarctica21

MCOMS ΗOTstream onboard experience selected by Antarctica21

MCOMS ΗOTstream onboard experience selected by Antarctica21

Punta Arenas, Chile, December 18 2023, 

Antarctica21a pioneer in Antarctic air-cruises, has selected MCOMS, a leading provider of hospitality technology solutions, to enhance the onboard experience for travelers on the Magellan ExplorerMCOMS has successfully delivered a suite of cutting-edge solutions to enhance the overall guest experience, to one of the most remote and awe-inspiring destinations on Earth.

Mrs. Diana GalimbertiSenior Advisor at Antarctica21, stated about the collaboration, “We are thrilled to partner with MCOMS to bring these innovative solutions to our guests on the Magellan Explorer. The enhancements in Digital Signage, the mobile app, and touch screens significantly elevate the overall experience, providing our guests with a seamless blend of information and entertainment throughout their expedition.”

One of the most exciting features of this installation is the utilization of real-time data feeds from the ship’s bridge to showcase critical voyage information on all screens. Passengers can now stay updated on ship location and speed, temperature, and wind speed, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the Antarctic landscape.

MCOMS has also developed a versatile mobile application available both on the cloud for Antarctica21 travelers and on board the Magellan Explorer for its passengers. The cloud app enables Antarctica21 guests, across both Magellan Explorer and Ocean Nova, to access essential information before and after the trip. Onboard Magellan Explorer, passengers can use the on-premise application to check daily activities, weather updates, ship location, view live streams from ship cameras, and enjoy a selection of on-demand Hollywood movies.

MCOMS has deployed a user-friendly touch screen interface with two 55” touch screens on the ship. Passengers can access live weather data, detailed information about Antarctic wildlife, and learn more about the Antarctica21 foundation and the Magellan Explorer. This interactive feature enhances the educational aspect of the journey, providing a deeper connection to the unique Antarctic environment.

Pantelis KasimatisBusiness Development Director at MCOMS, shared his insights on the project: “We are delighted to be part of this transformative journey with Antarctica 21. By deploying HOTstream solutions, we are not only providing passengers with cutting-edge entertainment but also enhancing their safety and overall understanding of the environment. This collaboration underscores MCOMS‘ dedication to innovation and our commitment to elevating the guest experience.”


About Antarctica21

Antarctica21 is the premier provider of expedition experiences in the Antarctic region. With a commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability, they offer unique voyages that allow passengers to explore and appreciate the wonders of Antarctica. By combining adventure and education, Antarctica21 aims to inspire a deeper connection with the world’s southernmost continent.