MCOMS partners with SALTO Systems to offer the ultimate guest-facing solutions for Hospitality

MCOMS partners with SALTO

MCOMS partners with SALTO Systems to offer the ultimate guest-facing solutions for Hospitality

Oiartzun, Spain, January 12 2023

MCOMS, one of the leading IT solution providers for the hospitality, cruise ship, healthcare, and senior living facilities industries has partnered with SALTO Systems to integrate with SALTO’s smart locking product portfolio to offer advanced guest-facing hospitality solutions.

MCOMS designs, develops and operates advanced guest-facing solutions for IPTV, VOD, mobile apps, casting, high speed-internet, and digital signage for any screen: smart TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital signage monitors. MCOMS has both cloud and on-premise solutions. This new integration with SALTO technology  – especially with SALTO Space and hospitality solutions – means that MCOMS can offer guests an advanced hospitality experience via mobile key technology in a hotel mobile app.

SALTO is a global leader in the development and manufacture of smart locking, cloud-based, and mobile solutions that deliver access control, smart locker system management, cashless payment, and ticketing and booking solutions capable of meeting the needs of any type of building and infrastructure. SALTO deliver access for any deployment – regardless of the industry, size, type of door, or number of users.

By integrating with SALTO, MCOMS can now deliver the digital key through its guest-facing solutions, such as a mobile app. Once authenticated and the guest has been associated with a guest room number, the app uses the SALTO digital key technology to retrieve a digital copy of the guest room key. When a key is successfully retrieved, the Guest is instructed that they can use their mobile device to unlock the door of their room.

SALTO’s combined group of electronic access companies reaches a broad international pool of customers, delivering more than one million new access points annually, as well as enhanced levels of innovation and integration. SALTO is used in thousands of installations with millions of daily users and has offices worldwide with a partner network that extends to every region of the globe. MCOMS’ customers will benefit greatly from this partnership as SALTO is an established multinational, industry-leading company that delivers a wealth of research, development, and stability.

“MCOMS is proud to partner with SALTO to help deliver an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use and manage for any hotel category and size. The result is a technologically-advanced guest app that gives guests convenience, safety, and the digital guest full experience via SALTO digital key.” said Dimitris Petinos, CSO at MCOMS.

The SALTO and MCOMS integration offers MCOMS customers the following:

  • Smart access – delivering a seamless, keyless guest experience.
  • Wireless technology for electronic locking solutions via an on-premise network that can be fully mobile.
  • Operational efficiency and smart hotel technology that optimises property management while reducing costs.
  • Mobile device access and digital key solutions.
  • Secure and robust performance across all products
  • TV, mobile, cast, and signage solutions for hospitality, healthcare, and senior living facilities

The SALTO MCOMS integration provides a range of solutions for hospitality, including digital key, mobile app, and visitor management.

To learn more about the SALTO and MCOMS technology partnership, visit our website.