MCOM at HTNG Asia-Pacific Conference in Bali, Indonesia


MCOM at HTNG Asia-Pacific Conference in Bali, Indonesia

Dubai, July 14 2015
MCOM Media Communications will participate in the forthcoming HTNG Asia Pacific Conference hosted in Bali, from July 21st to 23rd. Hoteliers that will attend the event will get the opportunity to experience the latest screen sharing and OTT technology from their own mobile devices and interact with the services guests are expecting during their stay.

This year we will present the full portfolio of HOTstream services, highlighting:

Wireless content sharing between guest mobile devices and in-room TVs for iOS and Android devices. HOTstream allows guests to bring their own devices (BYOD) or to use room-based mobile devices equipped with HOTstream Mobile application to easily share their own content with in-room TV.

Live TV and Video on Demand for mobile devices. Through HOTstream’s unique technology, guests can watch live TV channels or Video on Demand on their own mobile device anywhere in the hotel.

HOTstream Mobile. Our application for room-based tablets and guest-owned smart mobile devices (BYOD), both for iOS and Android. With HOTstream mobile, you enjoy all the unique benefits of a central system for consistent user experience on all devices, instant access to hotel interactive services, advertisement management and more.

HOTstream Smart TV. Our solution to provide interactive services using the latest Smart Hotel TVs that eliminated the need for set top boxes and excessive cabling. HOTstream Smart is compatible with all Hotel Smart TVs as it is based on HTML5 technology.

We all look forward to seeing you in Bali, on July 21.