Hotel guests now travel with multiple devices and require a better, faster and more reliable internet access. HOTstream Internet is the perfect solution to connect all guests’ personal devices. We combine our unique expertise in hospitality and telecommunications to provide you with a managed best-of-class internet access solution to serve your guests and visitors.

Integration with Interactive TV
Guests can obtain an internet access voucher right from the interactive TV menu in their room. Guests are also able to review all internet access voucher information (such as date, duration, expiration, username, password) regardless of whether it was ordered from the reception, the in-room TV or the internet portal page. Internet access can be bundled as part of a package along with movies, channels and other HOTstream products.
Multiple product offers
The solution allows configuration of different internet access products depending on type of guest, location or even time of day. Billing plans can be freely defined and associated with user location (public areas, room access), mode of access (wired, wireless) or even type of room or guest. Free-to-guest WiFi can also be offered in a managed and secure way. Alternatively multiple tier products allow you to combine free-to-guest and premium paid Internet access for optimal revenue generation and guest satisfaction.

Multiple device access
Use one internet access account to allow a preconfigured number of devices to gain internet access. The guest does not have to use a separate login voucher for each device. Guest devices can seamlessly switch from wired to wireless access and stay connected to the internet.

Mobile friendly portal
The responsive design of the portal site guarantees that smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets or any other devices that do not have the full browser capabilities of a PC can get an appropriately formatted version of the portal pages.

Zero configuration
There is no need to change settings on client to connect. Can handle clients with DHCP, Static IP, DNS, SMTP and web proxy settings etc.

Promotions, Information
All the functionality of our Interactive Information Panel that is available on TV and Mobile, is also available on the HSIA portal site. As a result there is a consistent guest experience across all HOTstream screens.

  • Custom design and branding
  • One time Login
  • Automatic login on wired internet access
  • Advance Bandwidth Management
  • VPN friendly
  • Multiple tier access plans with differentiated QoS policies
  • Authentication based on guest information
  • Support for multiple devices

  • Pre-printed vouchers
  • Account management for conferences or guest groups
  • Source-based routing
  • Multiple customized guest portals
  • Walled garden setup
  • URL filtering
  • Web based management
  • PMS integration

  • Guest Internet printing
  • Business Centre Services
  • Usage logs and statistics
  • Guest connection isolation
  • Device filtering
  • Resilience
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Multiple line link load balancing