Use BIZstream Enterprise to communicate the right message to employees or any other target audience by offering them a unique enterprise media experience. When you need to deliver universal or targeted messages to your employees, partners, customers or visitors, beyond traditional approaches such as email and corporate intranets, BIZstream Enterprise is really the effective way to engage your audience.

BIZstream Enterprise Video On Demand
Video is a much more powerful means of communication than documents or plain audio. On-demand video can be used to deliver access to in-house video training material, product showcases, event recordings, company announcements and briefings, safety information, marketing clips and on many other cases. BIZstream on-demand solution lets you manage publishing of on-demand content for interactive or digital signage applications.

Corporate IPTV
IPTV solutions to deliver live TV content in a corporate or public area environment. Use your network to cost effectively deliver live streams to public display monitors, desktop and laptop PCs or even mobile devices. Create live IPTV channels from broadcast TV stations, live cameras or even recorded content playlists. BIZstream IPTV comes with a middleware product that includes a smart UI that allows your users to enjoy a rich interactive experience with access to information, on-demand videos, event calendars, maps etc.

Digital Signage
Use public displays to deliver visually engaging communication to your target audience whether they are employees at your company, customers or visitors. Multi-purpose digital signage portfolio covering solutions for: entertainment, announcements, marketing, educational, way finding, event schedules, transport and directional information. Create presentations using live HD video, images, scrolling marquees, real time data information, maps and other rich media content. Choose from a selection of predefined templates or let us create a tailor made design for you.

Mobile Media Streaming
Take all the benefits of BIZstream IPTV, On-demand and Signage solutions and deliver them to users on the go. Your audience no longer needs to stand in front of a TV, public display monitor or sit at a desktop PC to experience content from a BIZstream system. You can now use mobile devices to extend you reach. BIZstream mobile solutions cater to both in-house supplied mobile devices or users own mobile devices.

Easy management through OMS
BIZstream OMS ensures an intuitive display and content management. Displays can be grouped or addressed individually, helping you plan and design the presentation of content across the screens in your network. Create content from ready-made templates or design your own. Choose content freely from videos, images, text, RSS feeds, flash, presentation, live channels etc. It also manages live video channels and on-demand content. Role-based access permissions allow your staff to selectively make changes to content or schedules.
Maintain & Support
Is it all about caring! We complement our BIZstream Health services with multilevel support services to achieve the best possible support and maintenance for all our installed solutions. All BIZstream Health installations are based on 2-server architecture with the servers configured for load balancing and 1-to-1 redundancy to achieve zero down time. At the same time, each installation is closely monitored end-to-end sending alerts with detailed descriptions to MCOMS NOC and your IT team. We monitor all critical points of the installed system including the network, servers, gateways and more. For support, MCOMS provides 24×7 call center as well as a NOC in our premises for full remote support.

  • Customer branded user interface (UI)
  • Integration with social media content
  • Real-time data source feeds (weather, news, traffic, sports score, financial info, currency rates and much more)
  • End-to-end HTML5-based platform

  • Two-way integration with 3rd party systems
  • Cloud Monitoring service
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Multiscreen, Scalable and Reliable solution

  • Content Security
  • Manage screens individually or in groups
  • Content scheduling
  • API access to content